Bauhaus Wall Clock, Mauthe Clock Co. – Germany




Size: 6 3/4″ x 2 2/3″

Date: 1930s

History: Mauthe was one of the larger clock companies in after WW1 in Germany. They were responsible for many innovative designs and styles of clocks. Here is an example of their Bauhaus convex wall clock. 

Style: This clock has an off white color at the center of the clock and its hands are convex. It features firm trapezoidal hands with deco numbers and stylized name plates are all brass.  The rim of the metal clock is also brass colored. 

This would look great in any location; living room, bed room, kitchen, office or den. 

It has scratches and dings throughout the piece which is consistent for a clock this age. 

Movement: It has been customized to a AA quartz battery operated movement.