Telechron Art Deco Mantle Clock 




Size: 12″ x 9″ x 5″

Date: 1930S

History: Telechron was a major player in the electric clock game only made stronger when they were brought up by General Electric for their innovations. Here is one of their handsome mantle clocks with the classic red dot indicator.

It would turn from white to red to indicate there was a disruption in the power supply. These clocks were some of the first self-starting clocks so when the power went out and came back on the clock would start itself and if you were unaware that there was a disruption in the power you would think the clock was retelling the right time when it reality it would be off by how ever long the clock had no power.

Style: It retains its original hands that are brass skyscraper styled. The dial is ivory with black and gold numerals and cross minute markers. It retains all of its blemishes and faults of a veneered clock of this time. These were normally found over the family fireplace, bedrooms and bookcases in any room. 

Movement: It has been customized to a quartz AA battery powered movement.